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The yell of “Gold” echoed over the land. Thousands made their way across the tundra and the sea to a place rich in Gold. Right after the Three Swedes first discovered Gold, tents sprang up along the beaches, forming a city called Nome. The tents turned into buildings and Time turned into Progress with businesses of all types. Mercantiles, restaurants, stables, hotels and saloons nestled against each other forming streets and avenues.

Each ship that came to Nome brought more people, supplies and lumber, thereby enlarging the demand for new buildings and houses. Although many lived on their mining claim or out in one of the mining camps, they would still come in for a couple of days for supplies and maybe a night on the town. The enjoyment they must have had watching the “Dance Hall Girls” kicking their legs to the beat of a fast-fingered piano player, playing loudly over the sounds of the roulette wheel, dice table or just the howls of laughter on this special night.

Many departed Nome after fires and storms claimed their toll but many stayed, building and rebuilding a place to call home.

The Tale of the Golden Billiken
by Leon Boardway
$10.00 + $5.00 SH

6" x 9"
Black and White 82 Pages

ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1954463219

ISBN-10: 1954463219 

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