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The United States government today bears little resemblance to the government created by the Founding Fathers.

















The past fifteen years have led to the dismantling of America and its institutions. How do we measure the totality of destruction to America and its citizens from the treasonous actions of so many? We will analyze this destruction and provide a roadmap for restoration. America and its citizens have witnessed a betrayal in our blessed country for several decades. Hostile acts by foreign and domestic enemies have focused on fundamentally changing America forever and dismantling its traditions, values, and rights so eloquently stated in our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Our freedoms have been eroded by a corrupt federal government that has politicized and weaponized government agencies with actions against our citizens. “We the People” must dutifully fix our republic and hold trustworthy 2024 elections. We must have a “spiritual awakening” that brings equal justice, honesty, faith, and integrity back to our elected representatives, officials, and employees at all levels of government (Federal, State, and County). We must follow the Constitution we have sworn to “uphold against all enemies foreign and domestic.”

This book provides understanding, incentives, and future actions by all of us to “Right the Ship of State.” We must set a bright course for a proud America where our children can prosper and live in happiness and freedom. God Bless America, the Land of the free and home of the brave.

The very nature of Treason as a crime makes it difficult to address and prosecute, as was touched on in earlier chapters. Without high-level political cover, treason is unlikely to surface or succeed. Using such a charge against innocent political enemies is also all too easy and familiar. Successful treason – from Brutus and Judas to Benedict Arnold and Philippe Pétain (who sold France out to Hitler) – has deep roots. It often stays hidden or escapes the consequences through brutality, cruelty, fear, intimidation, and lies.

Every group, every family, every team, and every company, even individuals who haven’t fallen into unqualified despair, have some goal to achieve. Most follow agreed-upon rules when trying to achieve those goals, except for the Democrat Party. They pursue their goals with the steadfast determination of assured victory, the rules be damned. The US Constitution is the most extensive set of rules, apart from those moral commandments given to us in scripture. To Democrats, neither the Constitution nor Federal laws apply as they pursue their goal of total power. We see this with their unprecedented assault on Donald Trump’s candidacy by weaponizing the DOJ and FBI to eliminate him before he can eliminate them.

That the corrupt and criminally driven Biden crime family, like the corrupt and criminally driven Clinton Foundation family and the corrupt and criminally driven Obama, are not already in prison attests to their firm belief that Progressives are totally in control because while maybe they “bend” some rules from time to time, they only do so in the best interests of humanity. They said their intentions were pure, and they meant well. So, what is their goal that they find it necessary to flaunt the rules everybody else must follow willingly? It’s to seize total power so they can “Fundamentally Change America.” But first, Trump.

We are all working to restore our Country, Constitution, and the Military. God is on our side as Warriors take on the battle.

by Thomas McInerney, LTG USAF (RET),
Paul Vallely, MG US Army (RET),
Mary Fanning and Ray DiLorenzo
$19.95 + $5.00 SH

6" x 9"
157 Pages

ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1954463356

ISBN-10: 1954463359 

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