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Carmella didn’t know where life was going to take her after she graduated from college. She had a dream though, to work in service for the people. Her experience in the military would also look good on her resume.

But, how things can change in an instant!

She acquired a job at the gold mine as a security guard to help with her college cost. The pay was more than she expected but unknown to her, the mine owner was going broke. 

To save the mine, he had to make a decision to take on a partner. Little did anyone imagine that the new partner had another interest to pursue.

That interest led Carmella to change her direction in life and to find answers to why the government was suddenly involved, and why her best friend Sara could not remember her. 

Gecko Road
by Cheryl Laroque
$14.95 + $5.00 SH

6" x 9"
Black and White 64 Pages

ISBN-13: 978-1954463189

ISBN-10: 1954463189 

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